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At J2 we offer Development Advisory, Project Management and Hotel Advisory services.

We’re strong, bringing development muscle and confidence to your project. With our mix of brains and brawn, our business is set up to support yours like no other in this space.

We have ample capacity to take on projects through our offices in Victoria and Queensland. Our enviable network can be called on to support us along the way, bringing in the right experts for each job.

Our hand-picked collaborators share our unique spirit – together we get the job done and done right.

We add muscle to your project

Every day, we strive to make everything as simple as possible. Call it a no-nonsense approach, we bring clarity to our communications because we find it makes for an better working relationship.

Like a ship gracefully sailing across an ocean, there is a hidden engine room, working at full-power under the surface. At J2, we deliver complex projects through straight-forward thinking.

We help to demystify the development process for those who come to us with little or no experience in property, or effortlessly slot into an existing development team to add extra firepower.
We hear.

Listening seems to be a rare skill these days, and we employ this simple act every day with our clients and partners. It might seem obvious but we know from experience that it helps us deliver a project that hits your targets. It ensures we deliver a product tailored for the end user, and that’s the bottom line.

The philosophy is simple: we strive to make it easy for our clients. It’s tried and tested – proven to be successful by clients that come back with a second project. And a third...